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Business Card Printing Models

Business cards that contain details such as your corporate identity, industry, title, the more correctly selected, the more positive effects they will bring. When deciding on business card models, it will be in your interest to do sector research first. If you are serving in an area related to advertising, design, architecture, your business card should show it at first sight. Custom cut business cards, transparent business cards are quite suitable for such sectors. Leaving distinctive, unusual and memorable influences; it should be the first impression that people who are engaged in design, writing, or advertising will give. You can do this by choosing a business card model that makes a difference.

Business cards with more classic and stylish details will be the right choice for areas such as finance, law, accounting. A lawyer needs a business card model that gives his client confidence and reveals his experience. First you can do sector research, and then you can choose from options such as embossed business cards or plastering business cards.

Business card models that you can order through pixels are printed in professional printing quality and delivered to your address. Moreover, the highest quality materials are always used and ensure that your business cards are durable. Before ordering, all you have to do is accurately determine the details that will be included on the business card print, report the dimensions and contact us online.

What To Do Before Printing Your Business Card Online

  • Decide on the details that will be written on your business card.
  • With the help of a designer, you can create a business card that you dream of.
  • Determine your Logo size.
  • Convert your information to PDF file format, share with.
  • Decide the model, cut and material of your business card.
  • Prepare them all, share them with us and complete your online business card order.
  • Business card products can be loaded with a single design for your selected number. For each name/design, it is necessary to select separate pieces and throw the product into the basket. For example, designs that have the same information, only the name will change, are also considered different designs, so you need to throw 2 products in the basket as 1000 pieces + 1000 pieces.

Types and features of business cards

Standard Business Card

Standard models of business cards, which are indispensable for professional life, are printed on single or double sides. After selecting the paper gram, you can customize your business card with or without a cell phone. The price of standard business cards varies depending on the number. After selecting the product features, your brand new business cards are delivered to your address according to the shipping day you choose. The most important thing to consider when designing standard business cards that you can treat as your company's industry identity should be the information you want to include on the business card. Don't forget to note that it's all right and the way you want it.

Embossed Lacquer Business Card

Business cards with embossed lacquer, where you can choose the desired part of your business card in embossed, are prepared in the quality of an organized printing press. Business cards with embossed lacquer, which differ according to standard business card prices, are printed according to the design you have specified. After you design a business card in any image and upload your file, you can get the business card you want. In embossed lacquered business cards, the part you want to be fluffy causes a difference in price. You can choose your embossed lacquered business cards, also known as wafer business cards, as oval or flat cut.

Plastering Business Card

If you want to print a more durable and more charismatic business card, your preference must be in favor of a plastered business card. Plastered business cards made by gluing two cards together become more durable and thicker than usual. The prices of plastered business cards vary depending on the number you want to order. You can choose your plastered business cards with or without embossed lacquer. After editing your design, it will be enough to upload your design to the order screen by specifying the details you want. Your organized printing business cards are delivered to your address after 1 Week.

What Features Do Business Card Prices Vary?

The fact that we now live in the digital world doesn't change our mind about the functions of business cards. The prices of business cards that indicate your business identity, professionalism, and brand image vary depending on the texture you choose. Embossed lacquered business cards, plastered business cards and standard business cards are divided into three model options, according to the segments can also come across at different prices. There is a price difference between oval cut business cards and normal cut business cards, which are fashionable in the new era.

In addition, single-side or double-side printed business cards are also priced differently. For most people one side, Turkish, or if you prefer it on the other side ten percent personal information when writing in English, has a company logo on the back. In business card prices, design, texture, cutting and double-sided printing are factors affecting business card prices.

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