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About flyers and brochures

Flyer and brochure products are among the most commonly used printing products for companies to promote and reach new customers. Leaflets and brochures, which are used by hand-to-hand distribution or given to people in stores / shops / offices, aim to make the sale happen by giving people information about the company. In addition, flyers and brochures are also indispensable products of events such as fairs and openings.

Companies need to reach potential customers as many times as possible through as many channels in order to highlight their brands and the product they sell. For this reason, the use of flyers and brochures directly affects brand awareness and increased sales. Especially in studies where the crucial characteristics of the product or service sold are highlighted, success rates are quite high. There are also different types of products according to the usage areas of flyers and brochures. Among these products, you can also work with different fictions that will reach your customers by choosing the one / ones that best suit your audience.

Flyer Printing

It is a single-leaf printing product that is the first product that comes to mind when it comes to a flyer. The flyer product, which can only be used with front and front / back printing, is usually used when the information about the brand is short. The flyer product, which can accommodate much less content compared to the brochure product, increases the rate at which customers read the entire content. If the information you give is short and clear, this product will meet your needs.

Flyer sizes should be selected according to the abundance of information that will be included in the design. All the information that will be included in the design is easily readable, and it is also important to quickly and clearly transfer the message. In addition to the size, the weight / type of paper to be used is also very important for the initial perception to be created in the customer. Paper with a higher gram can help you create a much better perception of your customers, as it will give you a much higher quality feel. When we also consider cost and benefit benchmarking; we can say that the flyer that will be given in the shop / store / office should have a higher gram, while we can choose a lower gram in the flyers that will be distributed on the street.

Brochure Printing

The brochure is a print product consisting of multiple pages thanks to the Crimea. In addition to providing information about the company, the brochure printing product that companies who want to provide information about products and services prefer to use is one of the most commonly used printing products. This product can also be used on the streets, offices, stores, shops, fairs and many places you can think of, such as Flyers.

In leaflets, there is another decisive variable in the flyer, the Crimean variety. The leaflets also have Crimean varieties, such as single Crimea, Z Crimea and inward Crimea. This, in turn, allows you to include more different and more information in design. Again, the gram of paper that will be used here plays an important role in the perception that your company will create in the eyes of customers. For this reason, we recommend that you consider the area of use and the perception that you want to create in the types of grams that you will make.

Door Hanger Flyer

The door hanger flyer has a much more limited use, unlike other flyers and brochures. Companies can use this product to hang it on doors with field work, to identify special rooms within the company, to distribute it as a promotional product. For example, to better explain the use of this product, we can say ‘suitable for cleaning’ door hanger Flyers hung on room doors in hotels or ‘do not disturb’ Flyers hung on the door of meeting rooms in companies.

Successful work can be carried out with this type of Flyer, which can also be used by hanging on the doors of houses and offices in field work to reach potential customers. Many people can be reached directly with this method, which is preferred by companies that especially target Housewives. Unlike a flyer, a door strap flyer is a product where users have a higher read / browse rate. For this reason, it is also often used by companies.

Door Hanger Brochure

Although the door hanger brochure is very similar to the door hanger flyer product, it is its version with more pages. For this reason, more information can be included in it. Again, as with the brochure product, this product may contain additional information about products / services in addition to the company. It is a very suitable product, especially for companies with a large variety of products and who want to highlight some of these products.

Desktop Plexi Ad

Desktop Plexi, unlike other products in this category, is only used indoors, such as event spaces, restaurants and shops. The most common form of use is to highlight certain products in restaurants. This printing product is produced in sizes that can be placed inside the desktop Plexi product for sale on our site. In addition to its use in the restaurant, it can also be used on tables with designs containing information or advertising at events. It can also be used to show discounts in the merchandising sector, especially in clothing.

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